It’s one of those moments in life that are best left unknown.

Mifuyu tries to fix her blunder but her weak constitution can’t handle the stress!

Speeches are in full swing, with Moheiji’s campaign focussed on attacking the Finance Commission, aka Satsuki.

The sly fox even goes as far as planting sympathizers in the crowd!

Satsuki’s speech focuses on much needed reform throughout the school, she really wants to future proof the student’s autonomy.

However, her straightforward personality and looks can also be a detriment.

Yuuki finds out that the wrong speech is Mifuyu’s secret confession.

He’s so dense he thinks his eyes are seeing things however.

His own speech is wrought with peril from the get go, so he does what most people would. He improved it.

His goofy side is probably the reason Satsuki falls more for him.

The votes begin and a new challenger appears, who is Shirakawa Ayame?

Perhaps he’ll be okay even with this new mystery challenger…

Well that’s quite the dilemma.

Okay but now we have two problems.

  • 1. Getting the vote.
  • 2. Hoping Ayame doesn’t.

By a hair’s width, we made it!

Seems like the Public Safety Commission isn’t all unified like we thought, must be that pesky Oosawa Incident.

3/3 +1, politics heavy episode to go along with “last weeks” lighter toned one.