Well that explains why someone of Liliana’s discipline would team up with a guy like Voban.

Typical Erica fashion to get Liliana to side with Godou, blackmail.

Of course Liliana won’t just backstab her boss without the proper resignation and all.

After Erica’s kiss, Godou finally has all he need to Unlimited Blade Works Voban’s Apollo powers.

Really like that UBW has some variation in the attack, instead of just stabbing from swords flying all directions.

Okay, the variation isn’t much…

But Voban is a man of many god powers, just Apollo is one, but what of Osiris?

With Yuri’s kiss, he can once again… UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS.

This time it’s a tornado of blades.

Ok Round 2, set. Now Round 3.

Oh snap! Time for another… UNLIMI , wait… 24 hour cooldown?!? WTF.

What is this… it’s like… GEASS moment

Obligatory chant to activate powers +1.

So basically, I can use those that allow it like mana batteries?

With our powers combined.

3/3 +1. Looks like next week is the event that causes Liliana to OFFICIALLY join (another reason beyond the blackmail…)