What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

The spontaneous curse is having various effects on the crew.

Sounds like the kind of deep sleep I get into.

Though Iori’s outburst is cute in its own way. Someone has to break the silence right?

Taichi’s White Knight attitude is pretty detrimental this time around.

Inaba knows the secret words? This can’t be good.

Inaba’s pretty harsh on Yui, but it needs to be said since Yui is being a coward about it all.

Sucks that we sometimes can’t speak our own minds cause we don’t want this kind of situation.

Taichi and Inaba are polar opposites, so it’d make sense that Taichi thinks more of group and Inaba thinks more of self-preservation.

100% sure if I wasn’t before, Inaba is in love with Taichi. Opposites do attract.