But our emotions are real.

Lizbeth is introduced! Blacksmith by trade, dreamer by nature.

She’s a bit jealous of Asuna, but they are good friends as well.

Her first meeting/impression with Kirito is anything but positive.

Though she’s gotten a bit of an ego herself from her smithing skills.

But that works out for Kirito’s agenda as well.

The mission?

Despite the bickering, she trusts Kirito enough to adventure with him alone.

Her not reading the situation gets them in a bit of trouble.

What’s that hole doing there?

Luckily Kirito manages to divide the damage between them.

They end up spending the night together, you can tell Sachi’s death and other events in the past have really changed him since SAO started.

Oh Kirito, you lady killer. I think Liz fell for him at this point (if not prior).

They do end up finding what they looking for, in the most unlikely of places.

If I recall this is Kirito’s first confession.

Though he ends up not hearing it, does it count?

Apparently not, though she gets another chance…

Start one step at a time.


Poor Lizbeth, just when she found someone… he’s already been tagged by her best friend.

Props to Liz for not wanting to steal Kirito from Asuna.

Kinda a philosophical question in a way… (I’ll let you guys figure it out)

Kirito, why must you make girls fall more and more in love with you!

A bit rushed, but I think things went together well enough.

3/3 +1. Next week we finally get Kirito X Asuna started!