But to be young is to dream and to make mistakes. We all have to grow up someday, but our experiences as youth will shape us as adults.

Sawa’s accident seems to have ruined her chances at becoming a jockey. It’s even harsher because her unsupportive father is the one that broke the news.

The circumstances behind the accident are revealed!

The friends get the news, Wakana tries to offer friendly advice, but an emotionally distraught Sawa goes off on her.

Poor Wakan almost has a breakdown.

The Vice Principle really has it out for the Choir Club. Wakana’s train of thought is exactly like her mothers.

Wakana’s text apology is exactly the way to apologize when you didn’t say anything wrong.

Sawa’s father, despite his demeanor, puts her future in the forefront of his mind.

3/3 +1. Looks like Sawa’s problems are a bit passed now, but not completely solved. Next week we see if the Choir club will get to perform on the main stage or not.