Poor Tenzo skipped to the final flag event.

Looks like Mary lied to Tenzo (or she didn’t know!).

Musashi’s victory against England’s duels was a good thing, but has detrimental effects on the world stage.

The whereabouts of the missing armament are known.

That downloading/installing/rebooting explanation is another one of the great little details that adds to Horizon’s awesomeness.

Toori is such a troll.

Masazumi argues with Elizabeth.

There are plenty of benefits in it for England as well.

Tres Espana can’t have any of that though…

And P.A.ODA/Ottoman Empire makes their appearance!

3/3. Excellent as always. I’m sure that Tenzo deciding to rescue Mary or not (and how that will effect the alliance) will play a big factor in coming episodes. Very curious as to the Ottoman’s involvement in this as well.