One of many plights of a youthful king.

I wonder hold old Lucrezia actually is, she’s known to be as old as Godou’s grandfather but still has the looks equal to any of Godou’s harem.

Erica kidnaps Godou for bringing Yuri and Lucrezia along to their “private” getaway. He most likely brought them as insurance against Erika (Alone with Erika is never good).

Things are fast paced though, the beach side getaway doesn’t last and Godou sneaks off just in time to introduce the next villain…

Of course Athena has manipulated all of these events to get Godou and Perseus to fight each other…

Liliana is back and is partly responsible (or her organization is rather) for the mess Godou is in.

She is adamant on competing with Erika on all fronts but those of a girl, she’s still very much innocent inside.

Without that information though, Godou can’t fight on equal terms with Perseus or use his Unlimited Blade Works.

This of course leads to his “Death.”

3/3. Now we most likely have a bonding time between him and Liliana before the Perseus fight concludes (he also still has to revive).