The rules of the game have changed.

The actually plot of the show starts to rear its head in with the introduction of many characters from the otherworld.

As expected Miu is central to everything.

Meanwhile on earth… Kaidou involves Akatsuki and the other girls in a televised beach game of tag.

Of course, Akatsuki is picked to be the target, but he isn’t a passive guy by any means.

Of course, he almost takes it too far with the class loli…

Haruka’s tsundere personality is cute, I really hope she gets more screentime as the show goes.

Poor Haruka, stop setting yourself up girl!

Of course, the “primary” antagonist would be named Phil and look like a total asshole.

3/3. We’re finally getting somewhere. Next episode is the big ranking tournament, which I expect Phil to show up during and ruin.