Finding myself within the cockpit of a mecha in the midst of a warzone, I wonder to myself “How the heck did I end up in this predicament?”

The battle is about to begin. Kriska is found bullying the punks from last episode, but there’s something different about her…

Mind alterations? Split personality? A number of theories here.

Orders from the Kremlin are to sacrifice the frontline forces to have responsibility fall upon the UN.

At least one commander sees the bickering amongst nations as idiotic.

Unluckily Zhar Squadron is to be sacrificed as well. Their performance is good, but too many of their pilots have attitude problems (they ARE youths forced into front line combat so the Russians don’t have to use their own).

Luckily that asshat Jacob is quickly killed off.

Despite it being his first battle, Yuuya shows alot of compassion in the heat of battle -wanting to save the Soviets and all.

And Yui X Yuuya moment.

Do I see love? Yes Yui-chan is in love!

3/3. The Aftermath.