Never leave Toori alone, anywhere.

Mercenary King Wallenstein/Toshiie Maeda officially appear!

Even without an armament, there’s good reason the Five Great Peaks are feared.

Slight interruption in negotiations…

No, it isn’t what you think it is.

Poor Asama, the reactions on both sides were priceless.

Toori chimes in on Mary’s predicament…

So it turns out Wallenstein’s “Geist Army” was the frontline of the British forces.

Just what Elizabeth was waiting for.

Quite a bit of backstory for Elizabeth/Mary (before they got the historical names) as well. And Avalon, oh Avalon…

Toori hints at future developments!

IZUMO sends reinforcements (aka new characters) to Musashi!

And Tenzo’s secret plans are revealed.

Mary’s feelings for Tenzo were made known last episode, but he realizes it now.

Looks like while Musashi is fighting Tres Espana for England, Tenzo and whoever else will be fighting to save Mary (my bets anyways).

3/3, as always Horizon never fails to make each episode enjoyable and interesting. All of the little details make me have to watch it a few times to fully absorb it as well.