The best way to hide something is to act normal.

I don’t remember a music concert being pivotal in the first series (though it HAS been YEARS).

I never woulda thought of Kauruko as a cello player.

Nor Chihaya as a pianist…

I understand why she did it now, but I hate people that pull these kinds of stunts…

Kimihara Harumi (green haired girl) seems to be blaming Kauruko for her father’s predicament.

And Kauruko hates her inability to do anything.

Even though she’s pretty rough, Kauruko IS a girly girl on the inside. (I think she totally fell for Chihaya at this point.)

Knight syndrome?

And thanks to Chihaya, Kauruko was able to conquer it…

3/3. I really liked Kauruko’s development (she’s my favorite female lead) and it was interesting how she suffered from her inability to do anything rather than a sort of trauma (though I guess it can be considered one?).

I think it might be awhile till the next episode.