A revolutionary competing against a revolutionary? Seems like the playing field has just evened out.

President goes over the current situation.

Well seems like he isn’t that far off from Satsuki in terms of iron votes.

I really like the idea presented here, a revolutionary to counter a revolutionary so to say.

These girls have really big mouths, but I figure they are probably there to represent the “status quo” in a sense.

Is it wrong I find it sad that most women I meet can’t cook nowadays? (no, this isn’t anything against women having more rights etc…)

Isara is probably best wife material out of the girls.

I think Chisato really does love Yuuki, only problem is the trauma affecting both of them won’t let him be with her…

That trauma was also…unveiled, albeit unofficially in a sense.

Hazuki may try to play aloof, but I think she is very competitive with her sister (Satsuki wants to best her sister as well), she probably does want a guy like Yuuki tho.

See? It was bothering her.

3/3 + 1. At this point I’m hoping for a Chisato or Satsuki end, Isara or Mifuyu would’ve been nice as well, but their red flags seem to have been avoided for now.