Booze gives! And Booze takes! It’ll keep you in world, away from your mistakes!

The two choices, do or die?

That’s cheating, choice number 2 please.

Satsuki’s even more interested now that she knows Hazuki is involved.

Um… well I wouldn’t know about that…

Yuuki’s pledge to Chisato is….

…forever friend-zoned.

Poor Chisato T-T

Hazuki’s “real?” confession.

So the reason she and Satsuki don’t get along is because she left the house, but why?

Alright so…. Satsuki’s mother is also Hazuki’s biological mother, but because the woman that raised Hazuki couldn’t give birth and her father didn’t want to divorce her, she was taken in and raised by his first wife. Meaning that during his marriage, he was having an affair with Satsuki’s mother. After the first wife that raised Hazuki dies, he officially marries the mistress (Hazuki’s biological mother) and gives birth to Satsuki. And she hates her biological mother when she finds this all out because accepting they are all blood related would mean….

So she wanted to make the existence of the mother that raised her mean something.

❤ Hazuki.

And Satsuki realizes she’s been wrong about Hazuki this whole time!

Meanwhile, it’s a good thing that the President is looking after Yuuki.

3/3 +1. Hazuki’s backstory is finally revealed and the relationship is fixed between the two sisters. Depending how they resolve the Chisato thing, it’s going Satsuki or Chisato at this point.

I really did like Hazuki though, kinda wish they did her route ;/