People die when they are killed.

Under the visual novel rule that the more encounters you have with a girl the higher the chance that she will fall in love with you, Goudo seems to have made enough encounters with Liliana for her to atleast worry about him.

A fellow Bronze Black Cross member, Karen, makes things difficult for Godou.

It doesn’t help that Liliana is:

1. Gullible

2. Has a wild imagination.

A bit too gullible…

Never pick up an unknown book off the ground.


This is why the girls fall in love with Godou. You see the hook is the Campione thing, but this is what keeps them.

So Salvatore set this all up? That bastard…

Liliana entered episode, the many expressions she made throughout the episode had me going KYUN and laughing on the floor at various intervals.

3/3 + 1. Quite a few serious moments I didn’t cover as well, next episode the Perseus fight continues!