She’d most likely go insane… or suicidal.

I don’t recall this scene being from the original work, it actually seems redundant.

This reminded me of the “no life” comment often made by people about MMO gamers. In this case, SAO is her life.

Asuna TSUNDERE side is MOE.

The Army finally gets a more official introduction, it’s short lived however…

New mechanics are introduced for this boss…

This game has brought Asuna quite a bit of trauma, that and I guess it’s normal not to be able to watch people die.

The Official unveiling of DUAL BLADES.

Asuna is totally in love with Kirito by this point the next step is… we’ll save that for the next episode.

A bad omen for things to come.

Wasn’t expecting this cameo, if I recall this scene didn’t happen in the original.

Setting up for the 1st of 2 major events next episode, Kirito X Heathcliff duel.

SAO will always be “that one series I really like but has horrendous pacing problems.” I’ve come to terms with it for now and it IS watchable. I don’t see them fitting the ALO arc in this season (unless it’s REALLY rushed, but I hated that arc anyways).

3/3 +1, Still I’d rate the episode on par with the 1st one and next episode we get the duel!