Little did Yui know, that Yuuya can actually mature.

In the aftermath of the railgun tests, Yuuya has some of his own problems to face.

Comander Latrova continues giving Yuuya some direction that he needs, while knocking his ego down a couple notches.

The bit between the Scarlet Twins and other pilots is finally officially revealed.

What’s strange is that Latrova is Russian, not from one of the conquered nations.

As Tasha hints at here, I think the Zhar Squadron view her as a mother figure (considering they were most likely all taken away from their own mothers).

The whole railgun fiasco starts to come to light, good thing it was a successful test. What’s with all the national rivalry in these times? Ugh, Humanity.

And of course after all the pilots are ordered away, the base gets hit. I’m smelling conspiracy, though it could be typical Muv-Luv Universe WTF moment.

3/3. Next episode things get real. Can Yui survive in time for the forces to return to base?

P.S. Happy Labor Day everybody! I’ve been trying to get Xewleer to catch up on all his series, but he’s bein pretty lazy.