Tenzo mans up!

Neshinabara’s first book sounds alot like Dragon Ball

Tenzo was reluctant (due to Testament) to act on his feelings for Mary, but I think he’s finally realized that once she’s gone. he’ll most likely never find another girl like her. (Grab every chance you get!)

Horizon parallels her decision, which was actually quite clever.

You will conquer the world by grabbing all the armaments, I will save it by stopping the apocalypse by grabbing all the armaments.

You will give me a happy life by giving me all of negative emotions back -making me complete-, I will live a happy life by not using negative emotions.

Looks like Musashi will be fighting a two front war. Some will fight England, to free Mary, the others will fight Spain as part of the contract.

The Musashi A-Team???

With Neshinbara and Masazumi fighting England, Adele gets promoted to battlefield commander.

Very admirable of Felipe, by using an old fleet, he saves Tres Espana from losing its entire navy.

Musashi (Automaton), is my favorite side-character.

VERY condensed screen-caps of the Battle of Portland.

3/3 + 1. Horizon constantly amazed me with each episode. I think next week we’ll focus more on the Musashi A-Team vs. England conflict.

On a more serious note, I’m in the middle of some harsh things at school, but struggling to not fall behind in some series and catching up on others. Xewleer is being lazy, but I’m hoping he puts more effort to complete his own shows.