admittedly I still love the opening and ending but dang did the quality fall. Gone is the wit, the salubrious fun and whimsical humor with double meanings. Now all there is, in these two episodes, a strange drop in quality.

I nearly dropped the show over these two episodes, and honestly, the next episode isn’t much better. The only difference is the backgrounds and the fact that they’re exploring their world.  And the ending made me swear a blue streak up and down the college dorm room I’m in.

NOT ME. A locked room is interesting, but not if their only 3 people. You have about five seconds to get my attention. And guess what? The only reason I kept watching was because I was playing MINECRAFT

you don’t say

Yes. That makes logical sense. Because every damn panel in a manga is dramatic or filled with action. Or maybe you’ve got a dang loose definition of drama.

Now keep in mind, all they’ve done is hooked up with the mute boy. They’re starting to get the physics of the world, and it’s boring as hell.

oh I wish I could. I wish I could.

This is part of a completely annoying lecture. I know what a damn cliffhanger does. Anyone whose watched television, which is YOUR ENTIRE AUDIENCE will, withing 99% know what it is.

Then she goes on revealing things about herself. With shocks and WOWZA all over the place. It was dreadful. I’m skipping to the end because I’m bored with this VERY POST.


The problem with dream endings is that the author has now implied that you are TOO STUPID to accept a reasonable excuse to end the plot. They are insulting my intelligence. What if the bloody elves let them out! Just showed them the way out. SO EASY! No copping out! No insulting me, no easy-way out. I lost a MASSIVE amount of respect for the author over this.

both episodes: 0/3