Well he certainly doesn’t fit the mold for the typical protagonist, but a problem child? Never.

OFFTOPIC: Sorry for the lack of real posts guys, been busy with school starting up and one of my classes is real killer. I plan to make a Weekend Wrap of sorts sometime this weekend/Monday to ramble about a few things and give an update. I’m always frantically playing catch up with a few shows as well. Xewleer has been real lax on his shows as well and I’m trying to get him to catch up, but he’s been dealing with his own… issues as well.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Kaidou was about a little under Akatsuki in power, it seems he’s more than meets the eye.

What would really be a surprising development is if the president turned out to be a good guy.

The exam rules are pretty interesting, reminds me of a vanilla Hunger Games/Battle Royal.

Barrier was a bad idea.

Akatsuki reveals a built in ANTI-MAGIC shield inside his arsenal, I always assumed he had one.

A Haki/Presence type of ability, I love these. Neat way to show someone you are powerful.

3/3. I think things are finally revving up!