Instituting reform is important, but if the reform only affects the minority then it’s better to focus on other issues.

We finally learn why Chisato has that chocolate trauma, her younger brother’s death.

Mouri goes over the current status quo for the public safety commission officers.

The Oosawa Incident is finally revealed as well. (From what I recall of the first episode, Kana learned that the Katahira Faction from the Public Safety Commission was in a cahoots with the General Affairs Department and was silenced as a result.)

Speaking of Ooosawa, Oosawa Yuina returns to her post as the Public Safety Commissioner.

Yuki wants to stop the harassment that Financial Aid students go through, but that’s not exactly a majority supported idea.

Chisato is also hitting a breaking point of her own, she’s madly in love with Yuki, but he doesn’t love her back in that manner.

Yuina feels VERY evil and I’m hoping she’s not in total cahoots with the Katahira Faction.

And what happens to Yuki, re-triggers Chisato’s trauma.

3/3+1. A great episode, tons of real world political moments and lots of Chisato development. I can only see this series ending with Chisato or Satsuki as mains at this point, but seeing how Yuki avoided the Satsuki flag this episode, I imagine it’ll be Chisato in the end.