A hanging elf! That’s not a sign of plot to come at all! (sarcasm)

sounds great! Lets hear more about it!

AMAZING! Wait. Isn’t humanity in decline for some reason? Isn’t technology half way gone and apparently no one can replicate it. No one can go into the abandoned cities and search for stuff. It seems very sunny in that region, perhaps they could replicate the old solar panel techs. Maybe they could find the old steam powers, the area around is heavily wooded. There also seem to be water about, they could create the extremely eco friendly water mills.

Is humanity in decline or are they actually keeping themselves from advancement? There are hints that food is low, but they never demonstrate more than passing desire to improve their surroundings. They seem intent on non-important duties like WORTHLESS MANZINES AND YAOI/YURI FROM OLD COMICS! or this thing. Shouldn’t they be spending their time sending the tech about and enlightening humanity. Some disaster caused them to lose almost all their data. Possibly a massive emp flare from the sun? Anyway. Humanity seems more intent on surviving and creating memorials than prospering. This is actually hurting my willing suspension of disbelief.

ah no

why my goslings, why?

well I’m sorry to hear that. I wish that our survival didn’t depend on us choosing the power of electromagnetism over cute fairies.

That was surprisingly menacing. Don’t worry, they’re just saying they can’t help humanity for a while. Because we needed it apparently.Uh. Thanks. Basically it says that without fairies, the plot will turn grimdark and protagonists may die. (they won’t)

Why don’t they live in those buildings? Why don’t they use the tech that, later in the episode, will be just lying around?

dude in the big daddy suit’s name is oyage. He’s apparently the personification of the Voyager probes. I don’t understand it either. Apparently he didn’t want to go into the depths of space and came back. He turned into this in some way I don’t understand. Apparently the probes gained sentience. They would be sent back into space (SOMEHOW, THEY BARELY CAN USE RADIOS AND PRINTERS)

at the end of it all:

that bitch. She sabotaged a major work of humanity that would have consolidated mankind’s knowledge and allowed for its preservation and ease of access, all to keep a pair of AIS from 1970-80s probes from going back to do their damn jobs. Somehow all this would work out. I would have her stripped of her title, authority and food rations for a time. She would only eat and drink bread and water and would SUFFER for sabotaging something that would have benefited all of that PATHETIC species that is humanity. I pray for sweet release. I don’t want to live in a world that has an anime that literally FUCKS with my suspension of disbelief and forces me to accept that 70-80s probes, 100+ years old by the time of the series, can develop personalities, gain human bodies and CONTROL GIANT CATS IN BATTLE. I’m going to finish, but damned if I’m not going to touch this series, or recommend it to anyone. Ash: Don’t buy this series.

This is a slice of life comedy that tries to have drama without really understanding how to engender sympathy. I cared nothing for Voyager and Pioneer. They are machines, and even in that world, accepted as probes that headed out of our demesne. They literally do not have the capacity to calculate anything more advanced than my college calculus calculator. It got so nonsensical, that, by the end of it, I didn’t even really get why the humans were so damn eager to scrounge up a space program from their broken down waste of a society and send them back. Because they can’t feed themselves or use computers but DAMNED if they can’t send two out of date personified satellites back into orbit.

I’m tired of this series. It’s got it’s good moments and even a BRILLIANT pair of first episodes… but it’s constantly reminding me that every episode afterward can’t compare to the first two. These are bad, but better than the last 2. .5/3