Alot of the time, my dreams are so much better than my reality.

Heathcliff is overpowered, but not just because he has this ability..

It’s kinda.. subtle, but he shows why he can’t be defeated near the end of the duel…

So Kirito loses and joins KoB, Kuradeel tags along with him and Godfrey’s training session.

Everything is cool right? Wrong, Kuradeel is still a scumbag.

Kirito’s last moments?

Asuna arrives just in time!

Asuna’s ultimate weakness is that she cannot cross the barrier it takes to kill someone.

Realizing she made Kirito kill a man and Godfrey’s death in a sense, she tries to increase the gap. But Kirito loves/needs her too much now.

They’ve gotten close since the incident.

At Asuna’s suggestion of taking a break, Kirito makes his move.

3/3+1. Again, another one of the best episodes this season. Next episode we get the introduction of the Morning Dew girl.