Fighting words to be used between authors.

Neshinbara figured out Shakespeare’s identity, there never was two girls.

Naruse’s horrible for not remembering this.

Adele’s overconfidence screws her over at the start of the Battle of Calais.

Looks deceive, Felipe actually manages to use history reenactment against Adele.

Shakespeare uses her trump card, King Lear.

Nate explains the origin of her magic chains, I’m thinking she may be related to Joan of Arc as well.

Musashi reboots all of the dolls taken out during Felipe’s assault.

And thanks to Malga’s suggestion, things even out.

Neshinbara wins by editing Macbeth.

And kinda shows Shakespeare the path to take.


3/3. Exceptional as always. There’s always more than meets the eye with these episodes, I’ll probably have to give it another run through to catch it all.