Hey guys, Ash back again with another one of these. I know I promised it earlier in the week, sorry about the delay.

So what’s going on with my life? Finally in the last year for my bachelors, I don’t expect the degree to lead me to any grand opportunities, but that’s a whole nother tale. For now I’m just hoping something of interest will pop up for me from now to may.

As for my classes, they haven’t been so hammering, I was taking an economics course out of interest, but failure on my part led to me having to withdraw from it. I really have to thank my great advisers for being able to deal with all my selfish wills. I’m very blessed to have you all.

In my search for spirituality, I’ve had a sort of epiphany that led me to spending less money in the upcoming months. Yes I’m still buying things, which I occasionally post on my Facebook –which is open to public viewing-, but I’ve realized that money is better spent making memories, buying movies to watch by myself or things to display for myself to view, don’t really add to that. I’m still very otaku-ish by nature, so that means I will still buy some figures, movies, and etc, just less and less.

As for the relationship situation, I’m still engaged to my fiance from (two?) years ago, but I haven’t made any strides towards it. I think I’m suffering from an otaku delusion or a love delusion. The gist of it is, I read, listen, and adore everything romance, but when it comes to real life or myself, romance isn’t as great as it is in fiction. I’m in love with the idea of love, but once you remove the fluff, I become disinterested in it. I hope God has a plan to help me fix that, or I can live my life being 2d > 3d, as sad as that sounds, it isn’t half bad.

I have a few friends suffering from sever lack of girl friend issues and some that have accepted the bachelor way of life. It’s kind of depressing, but I’m sure good things will come their way when God deems they’re ready for it. (I know that kinda sounds like I’m pinning everything on fate, but what can I do really?)

Besides school and work, my day is rather limited to sleeping, games, going out (rarely), or random tasks/reading. I spend a good amount of time playing League of Legends and in a few weeks hope to get in on some Mists of Pandaria, the new World of Warcraft expansion. I’ve had negative second thoughts about WoW for years now, but I’ve come to terms that the memories I’ve made in game and the relationships that have come and gone from it, were worth it in the end. MMOs have a special place in my heart thanks to WoW and I’m hoping when the world moves to the inevitable Virtual Reality, I can find another MMO to become immersed into.

When not gaming or sleeping, I tend to read, write, or scroll around the net. The things I read vary, but the common theme is usually romance. I miss the old fashion roles that males and females had is all I have to say about that. For writing, I’ve been adding little random things here and there for The World. Xewleer hasn’t really done anything in the past year, so I’m hoping that he gets his stuff straight and adds to the project, but for now I’m just building The World, one piece at a time.

Scrolling around the net is pretty self explanatory, so I’ll just leave off with a series of posts that illustrate an interesting incident involving Kokoro Connect that occurred recently.

P.S. Been really addicted to BoA’s new song, “Only You,” the english cover above isn’t bad. Oh, and the Knight Hoodie is finally available for sale by SOF Works, hoping to get one for myself soon.