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He’s confused about his part in the tale. Now that he’s stuck in a fairy tale and, what’s worse, it’s not his own. I’d be confused to. The question as to our own reality and role in it is a question for greater philosophers.

He could disappear from the plot.

Uh. Don’t know to be turned on or otherwise. But I must admit, I envy his relationship with her.

It’s the touch I envy. I don’t like to be touched, but that’s because I generally don’t trust people. To touch and be touched is an almost sacred thing. It speaks of a kind of love thing in that manner. I have no problems with giving a handshake or, very reluctantly hugs, but never for long. It’s hard for me to allow people into that personal circle. I want that relationship with my wife.

and it got weird

WAIT! Back to romantic again.

A very important line. He’s saying stop fooling around an choose. Your dead husband? (Who’s possessing him) or me? But choose!

One of the reasons I love this show is the connection to plants. My family has had generations connected to the earth and growing things. Both sides of my family have substantial gardens and I will have a garden. I will instill in my children, especially my sons, a love of gardening. It’s important and it helps with logic and helps with empathy and the appreciation of nature, art and beauty.


I believe all gardens should have a master or mistress. Someone who knows every plant and uses the garden as their sanctum. My Aunt Caroline has a beautiful version of a garden, full of every excellent English plant. My father goes about the garden and we have the best Marigolds, in beauty, size and variety in all of St. Louis. We have vines that cover sections beautifully, a luscious apple tree and truly elegant lilies. They don’t seem to respond to my touch, but under his, they thrive. That is the meaning of a master of the garden.

Later on, she returns home, thinking:

When a man turns his back on someone, it’s a dangerous thing. He’s leaving himself vulnerable. He puts action into the hands of another.

She realizes that this is the crossroads. But what does this mean to her?

You never forget your first love. I’ve loved a girl before, but nothing came of it and, well, I haven’t felt love like that since. I’ve felt ‘affection’ but little else.

BUT he’s being possessed by the ghost of your husband!

The tale has changed.

Amazing episode. 3/3+1 and I’ll buy this series if it comes to America. The romance is realistic and the feelings so well done. Natsuyuki is the standard of writing I hold all other shows I’m blogging.

It doesn’t matter what type of show it is, the show needs clever, witty writing that teases at your emotions. Comedy should make you laugh and cringe equally. Humanity has declined offends the thinking man, I should not have to turn my brain off to enjoy it. Silly or otherwise. American animated comedies do this excellently. Take Chowder, Adventure time or even that sack of piss (it’s okay, I just don’t like it. Sometimes it is wickedly clever) Regular show. They are incredibly silly but they follow logical, if childish lines that never leave me saying “The heck?”. Society flows around the characters, while in many japanese shows I have seen, it seems that society only moves on the main characters will. The world they’ve created works!

Natsuyuki is a great show for everyone. I would recommend it to everyone who is not a rabid hater of all things romantic.