What is history anyway? Isn’t what people do what defines history anyway? If you don’t like it, you can change it as you please!

There is but one ultimate truth and nothing can hide it.

Tenzo’s botched confession.

He fixes things up quite a bit in accepting all of Mary.

And explains why the kiss didn’t happen.

The only test Tenzo ever needed.

Two queens, two fates, two sisters, two faeries.

And the finally battle with the Spanish Armada heats up, the San Martin finally joins… and there seems to be two?!? three??? of them.

Masazumi shouldn’t have been so very vague when explaining what sex was to Futayo many episodes back…

3/3 + 1. As always, Horizon is very enjoyable and subtly brilliant. I actually saw the first season is getting an english release next month on amazon and am quite excited for it.

As for plans this week, I am fixing up a few things and hope to catch up on shows and do a analysis on fall 2012 season.