Even if this is an online world, the relationships that are forged are real.

An ominous warning of things to come…

But first, the honeymoon.

Relationships are forged between people, even if they aren’t two people infront of each other.

Never underestimate the power of digital love.

I think Kazuto (Kirito) is a year older than Asuna in real life, I may be wrong though, but they are relatively close in age.

The morning dew girl at last.

Yui, YUI?!? YUI!!!!

Yui is the perfect daughter.

A visit to the 1st floor leads to confrontation with The Army.

Things heat up as build up for the next episode.

Kinda wish they would’ve spent more time on the married life, as it looks we’ll have one more episode before the final confrontation begins and then that should leave 12-13 episodes for Fairy arc. (Which I despise, so I will prob not blog it).

3/3 + 1.