Cue that one guy that argues kids shouldn’t be playing online games.

Yulier approaches Kirito/Asuna to request help regarding The Army. She explains the current status quo of the insider politics.

Great ides will grow, even if their creator doesn’t envision it.

Always wondered what happened to Kibaou, looks like that incident with Kovats really hurt his position.

Thinker has very fatal flaws as a leader.

Inside the Dungeon, the group is attacked by a surprise boss when they reach Thinker.

Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter? YUI!!!

The truth of the world is revealed, turns out Yui was a Mental Health AI.

Too bad the system won’t leave her be for using GM powers though.

Luckily Kirito manages to save Yui thanks to his geek skills.

We won’t be seeing much of Yui until at least ep.14 or when Aincrad arc ends.

3/3+1. Another amazing episode, Yui is sooo adorable, but sadly she’s gone for awhile.

Next episode titled: The Depths of Hell doesn’t sound too good… I’m thinking it may be the last in the Aincrad arc, though they can stretch it to 2 episodes if they want.