What is it I’m searching for?

Asuna and Kirito realize their time in this happy life will soon end, as they go back to the front.

Kirito, the fate of the world is in your hands.

The dreaded mail from Heathcliff confirms their suspicions.

Humans are adaptable creatures. Given enough time, they can most likely adapt to anything.

Kirito was Asuna’s equal, but at the same time, he was her opposite as well. That’s why she fell in love with him.

Do you believe in destiny?

Kirito has doubts about the upcoming fight. Personally I would take his route as well, better for me to die than to see my loved ones die. I’ll admit though, that is the coward’s way.

The last calm before the end.

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

3/3 + 1. I was wrong, next week shall be the end of Aincrad arc. The Skull Reaper is a very overpowered boss though. Attacks that one-shot equal level players is a bit much…