If nothing else, this show is praiseworthy for it’s portrayal of plants.

She’s very confused, and I wonder if she even knows what’s going on any more.

Help help I’m possessed!

And he laughs.

no, just your former wife


good choice, until it kills you and you die of love.

I look at him that way

uh. I know she’s comparing handwriting for herĀ  husband, but DANG what sort of life did they lead?

now for a journey to find herself!

Yep. Just chilling. Chilling so hard and drawing. Just to eff with good old haiyuki who’s body I’m possessing

This meta-physical/drawing/dream sequence keeps getting weirder.

not the greatest episode, but it was what I considered a ‘scene change’ a sort of intermediate episode that is required to set up the next arc.