Another amazing episode. She’s not being passive about this and her husbands death and actually trying to move on.

One of the reasons I love this show is the human reactions to the supernatural and the mournful. Haiyuki and Shimao both have strong reasons to be among the living. Shimao can’t let go of his love for his wife and hopes to end her obsession over him (and in doing so, his obsession with her) but he can’t do it. Why? Selfish love. I’m not saying that’s wrong, they should desire one another, I’m just saying that it’s a sign that they are HUMAN not characters. They have developed feelings who affect them according to how it might affect them. I would submit that accept for the ghost aspect, this is a romance story about moving on to new pastures.

THAT’S the heroic resolve I love seeing Haiyuki!

It’s because you realize that maybe it’s time to move on. Because you’ve cried these tears already.


Even his wife agrees

Another nice scene. It reminds us that Shimao is a weak man physically. I would say the contrast with them is the strong mentality of Shimao vs. Youthful vitality of Haiyuki. Shimao can see, needs no glasses. It indicates he has ‘clear vision’ but Haiyuki needs them, indicating that he cannot see very far.



Naw, she’s a more proactive wench. This dream-manager thing is really interesting. She being the representation of manager as she was, not as she is.


Gratuitous flower shops and a look into Shimao

DUOLOGY. Shimao in Haiyuki’s body. Behold the amazing technology, able to switch faces in mere seconds to better show dramatic events.

because he can’t move on…

We shall see if this is just Haiyuki becoming Shimao, or that Shimao has finally given in, letting Haiyuki back and his wife to move on too.