Also known as Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date!

Behind that veil of cuteness is a darkness unfathomable.

The Problem.

The Textbook Case

The Youthful Dreams of World Domination

The first impression.

The confession.

The level up.

The evil eye.

The beauty of childhood innocence and imagination.

So the first show this season, I know I’m behind on my shows and apologize for that. I’m trying my best to juggle things as it is.

As for the show, brilliant. I expected great things seeing as this is the studio that brought us Haruhi and K-On (among others). I found myself laughing quite a bit throughout the show and the serious moments really did have me reflecting. Society forces us to abandon our childhood innocence and imagination to be taken seriously. It is a shame and this eight-grader syndrome that Rikka suffers from really shows it.

Speaking of Rikka, she has great chemistry with Yuuta and I really do hope the two end up together. Yuuta’s “Dark Flame Master” mode is also pretty cool and badass, whereas his normal self is… the straight man. I’m really itching to see which direction this show is going to take, but for now.

3/3 +1, Charming.