The time is out of joint.

O, cursed spite…

That ever I was born to set it right!

The Con Artist.

The Princess.

The Usurper.

That which is desired, but is unattainable.

The Investigator.

The Senseless World.

The Avenger.

The Scourge of Humanity.

The Hope of Humanity.

The Deal with a Witch.

The Message in a Bottle.

The Savior of the World.

Well that was pretty intense. I wasn’t sure where this show was going and the revelation that Aika has been dead for almost a year AND that she was Yoshino’s secret girlfriend was surprising. I’m still wondering how Mahiro obtained magical powers and from the looks of the preview, we may find out next episode. I’m also kinda interested in what Yoshino’s role in all this will be, as he seems to be the main character. I’m just hoping he won’t stay powerless the whole time.

Hakaze is a rather fun female/witch/princess type character and her being on the island and communicating with the boy is nice and all, but I hope she gets more than that. Samon doesn’t seem like your typical bad guy yet, though the ritual scenes did put him more toward that light. I’m also loving all the¬†Shakespeare¬†references made throughout and how Mahiro resembles Hamlet, while Yoshino resembles Romeo.

All in all, 3/3.