Happiness is fleeting as the morning dew.

The mission.

The 3rd King.

The embodiment of justice.

The fool.

The chase.

The knight.

Vassal’s duty.

The 7th King.

The identity.

I’m not exactly sure what I just watched. It’s in the near-future. It’s beautiful. The BGM tracks are awesome. The animation is crisp. But the story just leaves me jumbled. So apparently everyone is going around looking for the 7th King, which I suppose is Yashiro? We’re left kind of in the dark, and it being the first episode, that’s a given. However, I just felt that this episode was a long visual teaser more than anything, not enough substance so to say. I’m liking most of the show thus far, but it seemed like a jumbled mess of awesome. And that’s not really good. Sure the setting, visuals, and music were alright, but the story thus far leaves much to be desired.

2/3, I still have hope this will be one of the better shows this season, at least considering the hype and production values. Let’s hope this isn’t another Guilty Crown.