The story’s beginning to wrap up. It’s a pity. I wouldn’t call this an excellent anime, but it was certainly my favorite this season


That would freak me out too. I don’t even believe in ghosts.

Uh, is this a change in personality?

A twist of sorts. Shimao can move as he pleases, due to 3 or so years of practice, Haiyuki cannot.

I find this scene creepy


Here’s the crux of the entire show. It is merely a battle between men. It is a battle over a woman they love. Which changes the field. A battle between men over, say, honor or money usually comes to violence. A battle over a woman is a more subtle thing. Both must take actions to secure the prize AND to beat the other. Haiyuki has an advantage of being the ‘living’ one, but Shimao seems to be a powerful ghost and can play with Rokka’s feelings.

Eating with the girl of your dreams. A shady picnic. Wonderful stuff.


He sees him! Remember, Haiyuki’s body can see ghosts. Which started this mess anyway.

This is sinister. It’s a reminder that Shimao is not powerless, and that Haiyuki only has the advantage if in control of his body. Shimao was never a sympathetic character, but here it shows that his last ‘human’ trait is his now perverted love for Rokka. In other words, alive he may have been a good man, but dead, what goodness has left him, leaving a pale husk of whatever he was.

A separation of the two. Haiyuki is still ‘human’

Perhaps one of the reasons that I say this show is awesome, is because the characters act logically. She knows that Shimao is only in there ‘on loan’, and so she asks of him. Likely, she will berate Shimao for taking the body and do her best to get haiyuki back.

Great episode