Together with you at the end of the world.

The last 14 taken by that world.

The demon king at the end of the world.

The chance to end the world.

The final battle to decide the fate of the world.

The death of the hero, the heroine, and the demon king.

The game has ended.

After death, together with you.

I dreamed a dream….

A faraway sky, a faraway world, I watch it all end, sitting right by your side.

A dream has to end sometime, right?

And here we are at the end of the Aincrad arc. I don’t think I’ll be covering the fairy arc  (which begins next episode) as it induces me to rage. I’ll still be watching and rating it, but I don’t think I’ll blog it. Overall I really liked Sword Art Online despite all the pacing issues, it was fun, and I love the source material. I have all of the Blu-ray LE pre-ordered and may even pre-order the fairy arc as well. Kirito X Asuna pairing is still one of my favorites in anime fandom and I have a suspicion they may be related to Accel World’s Kuroyuki-hime (same universe after-all). In a few months-year, I may go back and do a proper afterword for this series (including fairy arc), using blu-ray as a source, but for now.

3/3 + 1.

Episode 01-14 = 94% before Bonus

With Bonus = 123%

And an overall score of 5/5 for me. All others I’d say 4/5.