Only by embracing the Black Dragon Flame can you attain what you seek.

The captured chimera.

Welcome to the Dark Side, Welcome to Pandemonic Chaos.

The Unseen Horizon Administration Bureau’s Top Priestess.

Priestess vs. Wicked Eye.

The Blackmail.

The Great Escape.

The second battle.

The final outcome.

Another great episode of a show quickly topping my lists. Rikka’s antics are always enjoyable to watch and her sister Touka’s introduction adds a nemesis to the Wicked Eye into the picture as well. I’m really hoping for the reawakening of Dark Flame Master soon, as I feel Yuuta is very cool/manly in that form.

We also got the introduction of the 3rd main girl in the series as well, Kumin Tsuyuri. Just one more girl to go!

3/3 + 1. Very funny, enjoyable, I’m lovin it!