The second series of my anime Fall 2012 cycle, and all I can say is dang, the bar is HIIGGGHHH

As a watcher of anime I am a critic, not a reviewer. It’s not a snob thing, I just have a very hard time with series that don’t hold to a standard that they themselves set with the first few episodes I guarantee. Humanity has declined is a victim of it. They try for genuine funny and weird that excited me, then moved on to more … serious and subtle humor I had no patience for. Also they kicked my willing suspension of disbelief in the testicles and stole its lunch money, and it would have given it the money if it asked kindly.

Anyway. Shinsekai is shaping up well for a pilot episode. You have well defined characters who distinguish themselves well. The plot is interesting, decently fast placed and motherloving CATS MAN.

I view this as a near PERFECT way to introduce a world and setting. In a few minutes they set the world up and how it got to the main plot. Psychics start killing people. Nice. Simple and succinct

Characters. Faze Cats introduced. Only needed two panels. Why is this important? If characters can’t be introduced quickly, then the plot is slowed. In two panels they introduced a villainous force of nature and their worry about the dark. It indicates and guarantees that the scene up top is by no means truly forgotten.


I think this ceremony is part ritual, part psychosomatic attack on her ‘powers’. In other words they are convincing her that she cannot use her powers for evil. They must also be striking at certain pressure points (spiritually). All in all, it shows that there is science to their magic. Love it.

A fairy tale declaring that good children should not go past the barrier rope (which I guess is like the American Orlok knot.) which somehow repels evil. It’s a common tactic. Have all the children learn the story of evil, then repeat it add nauseam, but never so much they laugh at it.

Cats. Harbingers of evil in as many societies as they are protectors in others. Devil cats are very popular in Scotland, as they waltz in the train of old hob himself. I can’t wait to see how this is played out.

Loved it. Great show, excellent drama. Really grabbed me. I can’t wait for the next episode