All I need is a miracle.

If I don’t anything, then the future will be lost to me.

Two month interlude.

Meet Suguo Noboyuki, scum of the earth.

Delusions and delusions.

So it was blackmail? Give me your daughter or I let her die?

The hero’s fall.

Poor Suguha can never have Kazuto’s heart.

Egil pulls through with the plan to rise again!

3/3. Okay I admit it, I love SAO. This arc makes me rage so much, but I had to. My weakness made me give in. In other news, the rating I give the first arc… doesn’t quite fit. So for now I may be revising how I do the points.

Something like this:

3/3 = Meets expectations

2/3 = Below expectations

1/3 = Trash

+1 = Above expectations

Assuming everything is a 3/3, then the score would be 70%, with each +1 kicking it out of average.

That’s what I’m considering for now, it’s all tentative anyways.