A noitamina show. I love this company. I first got introduced to them through Bamboo mat galaxy, a trippy show about college students and time travel. This is a cyberpunk show about emotions and justice. Maybe

First off, cyberpunk is a futuristic genre in the sci-fi category. It is marked by oppressive atmosphere, black and gray morality and massive buildings. My favorite ones have AIs and guns. This has one of them. This is an ‘introductory’ episode of a different nature. All major protagonists are introduced. The premises of the world are defined and mechanics introduced.

This won’t be important this episode. It’s a hook to keep people interested. I’m not a fan of white-hairs, but I’ll make an exception.

Are these the main characters? No. They are characters for the benefit of the watcher. They are able to help the watcher sympathize with the characters, and give a convenient excuse to explain things. They are also literal Thought Police.

Criminals to find and fight criminals. Very good premise. Like it.

Now we have a loss of innocence of the naive detective. Will she be able to hold on to her morals and humanity as the inhumanity of the world closes in on her? I don’t care. I want some more gun on cyberpunk action.

 Love the gun blasts. Sort of cool. But I was underwhelmed by the result. I wanted something a little flashier. Observe.This is a scene from Blame! By Tsutomu Nihei.

THIS IS A GUN BLAST. The devastation of the blast and the purity and power of movement. Tsutomu Nihei is, to me, the undisputed master of the cyberpunk gun fight. Unlike the scenes where they fired, holding it properly and logically, aiming properly, Nihei’s protagonist, Killy, takes an action pose, defying his enemy. There is MASSIVE energy in this manga page. The Black and White really work for the style. Even if the ‘devastation’ is only a guy falling over, it should look like this.

However. I am nit-picking. The series is mighty digestible, but I am going to hold off judgement for an episode or two more.

Here’s another panel of Blame!