Now we get to see an example of how the psychics ruled the world. It’s terrifying and my only question, is how in the world did they manage to fend them off?

Madness of kings are terrible things. This scene implies that the normal people did not have the power like the story’s protagonists do. It also means that at some point, the psychics wiped out EVERY NORMAL HUMAN.

Another Fairy tale. It’s a warning against pride, obviously, but otherwise quite interesting. So many of the characters would rather die than hurt their friends/people. This is obviously a trait the adults want to instill in their charges. I don’t know why, as it curbs potential growth, for fear of corruption but I guess it’s not about the acquisition of power so much as it is the control.

Quidditch for telekinetic children. I Like the idea, essentially being a training game and a war game at the same time. It’s going to show up again, I’m sure. It also states that their power is supernatural, and that their bodies are only conduits. for greater powers.

Disgusting creatures, but I pity them. Wonder how they will show up later. Probably worshiping the faze cats I shouldn’t wonder. I believe there might have been some sort of radioactive fall out as some time in the story. They don’t seem to be magical constructs.

Another good episode. Not much to say about it though. It’s setting stuff up for the next one. Right now we’re working to the climax. The initiation of the children and the teaching of tools will set the stage for the inevitable conflict. Awesome, awesome conflict.