Well, the time has come. I am sorry to see it go

A word before the images.

I enjoyed this show. It was incredibly well made. The animation was like a digestive biscuit covered in better than expected chocolate. It looks bland but is really quite, quite pleasant. The story is like a well rounded meal. Food metaphor. Best of my shows for the summer season.

I greatly enjoyed this show. “Xewleer” I hear you not say. “Your *insert sexual pun here* for Natsuyuki is well documented. What more do you have to say?” Well, mysterious internet denizen, I’ve got something to say. Natsuyuki is a great romance. Binbougami is about girls growing up with romance in it. Humanity has declined is about… something. Girls and fairies involved. Natsu is not JUST a romance. it’s about humans moving on. And boy let me tell you I get a *Sexual Pun here* for only two kinds of romances: Ones about humans and ones about princesses.

You know what else I love? Plants. Flowers. It serves in this story as a metaphor for shimao’s skills and marks as a human, but it also is gratuitous eye candy. If the show didn’t have it, or instead focused on something else, it would not have been as enjoyable. The Chocolate biccy

As you can see, suicide pact. BAM. This was eyeopening scene. Rokka is no longer sure of herself, and so she makes a terrible choice. She loves Shimao, and has been longing for him for years. HE has been watching her for years. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Every literary bone in my body  is quivering in pleasure. This is a human choice. What will she do? Why, she gives in, now the only thing left is Shimao. Can Shimao kill his former wife?

YES! Shimao, remembering his humanity and love decides not to end his wife’s life and returns the body to Haiyuki!What an end. Subtle and quite charming. Shimao, for whatever reason, is still there, watching over the family, but now his ‘grandchild’ is there, to get rid of his stuff, the reminder of his life their. With Haiyuki dead, he has no longer any reason to stay. Finally, he moves on, but happily. Still think he should go to hell for what he put the other two characters through.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous is a great series about people and love. It’s about moving on. They are human characters. In anime, this is an oasis in the desert. So many characters in normal anime are fools, or lack complexity. Fortunately for you readers, the vast majority of the shows we review are of the good kind. The kind with plot, cool visuals and characters you can relate to. Indeed, years of experience anime and literature has given me a bit of taste. I am satisfied with everything this show presented me.

To summarize:

Natsuyuki, along with Horizon 2, should be the top two of the season. These two are the top shows of the season, and covers just about every type of genre you could want.

Great stuff