Nothing has truly started yet.

The game.

In the real world, I’m a nobody.

In the game world, I’m so much more.

A strange place.

Btooom in real life.

Rules of the game.

Last ditch gambit.


Heroes are not always heroes, sometimes they become heroes after being forced into the role.

3/3. Apologies for the delay in this, I actually have to do Robotics;Notes and Pet as well, but for now here you go. I’m really liking Btooom! The style reminds me of Death Note or High School of the Dead, so fans of those shows should feel right at home with this one. Himiko, the heroine actually did appear in this episode, but I decided not to include her in the screencaps. I wanted to focus more on Ryouta and one of the things I really like about him is how we are shown he wasn’t just a skilled gamer, but had personality problems and was basically a NEET. Love it or not, that makes this show more “realistic,” as I like the portrayal of the hero as becoming a hero by being forced into the role (You’ll understand what I mean later).