Money is, money does.

What does thy desire?

The young Alibaba.

Aladdin and Boodel the slave master.

A dungeon is…

The heroine.


Guys just want to have fun.

There is but one answer.

Lies breed distrust, even amongst oneself.

Decision point.


After careful deliberation, I’ve decided to pick up this show.

Well first off, this was a surprising adventure story. I haven’t read the source material, but I was itching for a middle eastern-type of story. There’s too many western and “Japanese” themed anime, for obvious reasons, and I often like the little niches that these type of series aim for. Though for good or bad, I wouldn’t label this niche. Aladdin and Alibaba’s story is just beginning, but I see this show having the kind of potential that the One Piece anime has.