It’s true, I don’t see many normal boys doing it for the music, there’s more dedicated clubs for that.


I have a bad feeling about this.

Members Assemble!

Ghost girl and alternative P.

Servant ambitions.

Tome of Knowledge.

The club is formed.

3/3 + 1. Chuunibyou is so far my favorite show of the season. Every episode seems to add laughter and mystery. This week’s introduction of the final female completes the cast and all we have left is the hijinks. I really wanna see Yuuta revert back to Dark Flame Master, but that looks to be one of the central pivots of the show. It’s really hinted that Shinka is Mori Summer, but that’s just my guess for now. Remember when she said that Yuuta and her were similar? Maybe they both suffered from the disorder and want to create themselves anew. Does that mean she is Rikka’s rival???