America enters the fray.

Oddball is what Oddball does.

America has everything…

3/3 + 1. I really like Mako’s character, but I’m beginning to be very fond of Darjeeling (British girl with the buns) and Kei (American commander). There’s an important topic that’s hinted at here and that’s the fall of America due to its arrogance  I don’t really want to discuss much of those issues here, but my piece on it is… as long as America holds the soft power it has, it will continue to be in the top countries of the world.

Speaking of which, today is voting day. I won’t say who I voted for, but I hope good things will come of it.

As for the show, I really loved the clever use of cell phones to by pass the radio interceptions. That’s a clever way to add the modern quirks to this kind of show. And poor Miho, always in the shadow of her onee-san/family name. That’s one of the worse parts of being born into influential families though, but I guess if you don’t need to worry about making a living there needs to be other things…