Another great episode, I hope they continue this trend

There’s something FRESH about Little Busters. It’s like I’m eating a light, but most excellent salad before the much heavier fair of Psycho pass and Sekai. It has something for everyone, yet seems to entertain me directly.

That was honestly funny. She’s a genius, but spends her time pranking. I hate the ‘genius’ stereotype. Like somehow the school, which seems to have nothing but idiots, has one truly smart national level character. Really? And she’s a prankster? I was a smart kid, a very smart kid, but even I had to study a bit for the finals. And I didn’t skip. Only way I figure that those geniuses work is that they have picture perfect memories.

Most shows demonstrate the ‘genius’ (Infinite Stratos, Am I a zombie, I’m looking at you!) characters is that they talk big, but are unable to deliver. Ever. Sure they cut through the no-names but they don’t count. Why should a main character be so much more powerful? Why should a genius be unable to beat the class clown? Horizon gets away with having a bunch of smart people led by essentially the most clever person. Clannad pulls it off excellently. The ‘genius’ character is a social misfit who can barely function outside the library. She’s probably the most realistic portrayal of a genius I’ve seen. Geniuses work at a completely different level than humans. They literally have problems functioning at all, socially or otherwise, unless they are taken from ‘geniushood’ to a more adjusted childhood.

I still like Kurugawa’s character. I remember at least most of her name.


Best baseball team ever. They are going to Koushien. Totally. See. it.

Great episode. Caesar is pleased! SO PLEASED.