Rise of Robotics.

Robo-One Challenge.

3/3+1. Apologies, I know I’m backed up on so many series, but I promised to do at least one more. Robotic;Notes is the next in a series of shows by the people that brought us Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. While I consider Chaos to be a flop, Steins was one of the top tiered shows of last year and may one day be considered a pillar of anime for this decade. Robotics is a simpler story (thus far) compared to the aforementioned titles, however it is quite unique, though I’m not sure how realistic a “Robotics Revolution” would be in the real world.

I’m very much liking Aki and Kai so far, they have a bunch of chemistry on screen and are both enjoyable characters. Unlike Chaos/Steins, I’ve entered this series without playing the game beforehand, this should give me a lack of bias, as I won’t be comparing them to each other while I watch.