Ten bucks says he’s motivated by revenge. First Rule of Shakespeare: Revenge solves everything.

Corollary: No one ever said for who.

I’d say that’d be a good chance.

Ginza vs the enforcers. Great character developments.

AND THE WINNER FOR THE MOST CREEPY ASS SMILE IS:I SEE HIS SMILE IN MY DARKEST DAYMARES. However, he’s merely a red herring. My keen sense of plot tells me it’s bullied guy. It’s predictable, but the pay off for the story is worth it. Now we have a denouement of sorts.

And the climax/chase. Well done, and we finally, FINALLY see the guns do something truly, truly awesome.

Remember kids, if you get bullied, don’t sic killer robots on your enemies, you’ll get hit by the equivalent of a BFG! Great episode, no signs of waning