Behold, Cerberus.

Of three years passage.

To the Unseen Horizon.

Beyond the Unseen Horizon.

3/3 + 1. This episode has been debated on a number of forums for being of “lower” quality than the previous episodes, but I don’t believe so. This is the beach episode and we do get plenty of the things that go with that, with the Chuunibyou twist. There’s still comedy and all of our crazy characters we’ve come to love. But the focus is on Rikka and her past. This is the first episode to devote so much of itself to a “serious” issue. The death of Rikka’s father had such an impact on her, that her mind refused to accept it and eighth grade syndrome seems to be her way of escaping it. I think Yuuta also “manned” up quite a bit this episode, taking the lead multiple times. The whole Rikka X Yuuta moments in this episode seems to have dashed any Nibutani X Yuuta hopes though…